Dedicated to making water and environmental data and models interoperable, open-source, beautiful, and actionable for everyone who cares.

Data Management and Visualization

OccViz system may be used to visualize and derive knowledge from the dataset collected from water resources and quality monitoring. The interactive webportal can be used by stakeholders to retrieve near-real-time data from several monitoring stations. The portal’s design also facilitates environmental education for lay users.
We are in the process of releasing an open-source verison of the platform in Fall 2020. Watch this space. If you want to participate email saurav@ tamu.edu (remove space between @ and tamu).
Live implementation:
version 2: http://mwcog.owml.vt.edu
version 1(legacy): http://wqdata.owml.vt.edu

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The OccViz system enables beautiful data visualization, data curation, integrates data from several sources into a single database, and provides tools to analyze data irregularities in massive real-time datasets, which are essential functionalities for data managers.


TMDL Report Selection Tool

A tool to get relavant reports for TMDL development. TMDLs are the work horse for implementation of Clean Water Act, relyiing heavily on water quality modeling. This tools may give you a defendable choice for modeling. Based on work by ASCE EWRI TMDL Analysis and Modeling Task Committee

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Grower Tools

A set of tools for ornamental nursery growers.
  1. Irrigation Volume Calculator may be used to determine how much water grower is applying at each irrigation cycle.
  2. Leaching Fraction based on salinity tool can determine how long the irrigation system needs to run for leaching salts.
  3. Pond Refill/Runoff volume tool will help determine how much irrigation or rainfall is returning to the reservoir.
  4. Slow Sand Filter sizing tool will help determine how large of a system is required to treat water.
  5. Pathogen Disease Risk Model tool can help to determine likely sources of disease and methods of spread in nursery operation.
  6. Pond Volume Calculator tool can help determine the volume of water in a reservoir.
  7. Chlorine Contact Time tool will help determine the adequate contact time for your chlorine-based disinfectants.
  8. Dilution Dosage calculator will help compute the correct dilution of chlorine for a stock tank and other applications.
  9. Coefficient of Uniformity tool can help determine if irrigation is being applied uniformly.
  10. Interception Efficiency tool can help determine how much of the water applied makes it into the top of your container vs falling between containers when using overhead irrigation.
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